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This is the second release from Fluorescent Echo. It was recorded and mixed 2011-2012 in Denver Colorado & Austin Texas.


released May 9, 2012

All Songs (c) 2012 Heather Valey
Except "Warm Leatherette" by Daniel Miller
(p) 2012 Fluorescent Echo
All Rights Reserved

Distributed by Bit House Media & Fluorescent Echo
Mastered by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering
Recorded by Heather Valey, Michael Smith & Justin Wedel
Produced by Heather Valey & Michael Smith
Album artwork by Heather Valey

Fluorescent Echo is:
J. Forest Kelly: lead vocals
Michael Smith: guitars
Heather Valey: electronics, trumpet, backing vocals

Thankyou to our re-mixers who turned our EP into a full length album. Please check out their music and support them!
Wyde Laces:
Fiction 8:
Mark Mosher:

Special thanks to:
Greg Conklin, Daniel Valey, Nicole Huntley, Mindy Kelly, Trey Kelly, Justin Wedel, Sonic Audio Productions, Alex Keller, Brian Hazard, Phil Satterly, Peter Crysdale, Al Nelson, Chad Sowards & Scott Snyder

And all of our fans that have still been listening to us for all these years! Thankyou!

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all rights reserved


Fluorescent Echo Austin, Texas

“Fluorescent Echo's newest release GLOW is an incredible mixture of catchy vocals intertwined with rebel guitar riffs surrounded by trippy yet energetic synths."
Barb Laurson, Fallen Rock Zone

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Track Name: Peel Me Away
Peel Me Away
(c) 1994, 2012 Heather Valey

Can't you feel this disease?
The one infecting me
Draining away my soul before your eyes?
Can't you feel the pain?
It dissolves my flesh
Rendering me helpless

Seperate me
From the ones who understand
All this maddness called normality
Peel Me Away
Seperate me
They want me to be one of them
Seperate me
Peel Me Away
I can't escape
Peel Me Away

Sinking deep within
I feel desperation growing
with their everpresent words intruding
I can't comprehend
Why they don't except
I don't want to live in their world

Quick lock all the doors
I can feel my bones eroding
Imploding from the pressure of their chanting
Rigormortis settles in
I have lost my mind
The next thing they'll want is my soul
Track Name: Serpent Bite
Serpent Bite
(c) 1994, 2012 Heather Valey
All rights reserved.

Watch carefully, my child
The serpent about to devour your heart
Hold on tightly to your soul
Once she's gets a taste, yeah she won't let go
She'll suck the very essence from your life
and make you believe it's what you desire

You'll find yourself carressing scaled skin
Pleading to this demon for "the kiss" to begin
You'll learn to covet your own decay
Captive to her spell, yeah she bleeds you away

Serpent Smile
Serpent Bite

Symbols of faith carved out of bloodstone
She offers these to you, yeah you offer your soul
Her charm slithers on silver toungue
Your reward for the damage she's done

Serpent Smile
Serpent Bite
Track Name: Control Freak
Control Freak
(c) 2011
By Heather Valey

You've got a haywire, hellbent, inherent desire
To do it your way or no way
And that's your style
You've got me under your thumb
But what can I do?
You're a control freak
and its ugly on you


Hey Hey
Hey Hey
Do it your way

You've got your action items out in a line
You've got them delegated so they'll happen in time
You've got us under your thumb
It's your MO
You're a control Freak and it really shows

Type A
A Game
Lets go build a tiger team
Even if you're wrong we better do what you say
Type A
A Game
Lets go build a tiger team
But you're never wrong so we do it your way
Track Name: Melting Point
Melting Point
(c) 2011 Heather Valey

I see your face and its in turmoil
You've been pacing for days and you don't understand
You've been trying like hell to put the pieces togethor
You've been trying like hell to put this all to an end

You don't know how to face what has happened
It's nightmarish at best and its hard to digest
I don't understand the root of the problem
But I understand this isn't your fault

The hardest thing I've ever learned
Is how much I love you
No matter the twist and turns our life takes
I'll follow
The hardest thing I've ever learned
Is how much I love you
I'll be there for you
I'll be there

Tell me what you need
My heart will answer
I'll do all that I can to dissolve your pain
Just look to me we'll get through this togethor
Just look to me I'll be here til the end

Hold my hand
Brace yourself for tomorrow
Find some strength and we'll both forge ahead
With each passing hour we'll make more headway
With each passing day I'll renew your faith
Track Name: Now is Now
Now is Now
(c)2011 Heather Valey

Now is now
And now is the rest of your life
Yesterday is dead but today you're alive
Now is now
And now just let it unwind
Don't think too hard you'll be a moment behind

I see you planning for the future
Lamenting on the past
Nothing's ever perfect and nothing ever lasts
You're always wanting something that you can't have
And you're always full of disdain

You put today on hold
Tomorrow will be better
You think you'll always have the time
An ongoing endeavor
Moments pass unnoticed
Today is a blur and you're missing out right now

You spend alot of time mourning your youth
Thinking of all you've lost and feeling aloof
Staring in the mirror hoping for proof
That this all is a lie but
Time goes by

Just open your eyes and you will see
You don't need to be anywhere else
Just open your mind, let go of the time
And you will see you're finally free
Track Name: Warm Leatherette
Warm Leatherette
(c) Daniel Miller

Warm Leatherette
Warm Leatherette
Warm Leatherette
Warm Leatherette

See the breaking glass in the underpass
See the breaking glass in the underpass
See the breaking glass in the underpass
See the breaking glass in the underpass

Hear the crushing steel feel the steering wheel
Hear the crushing steel feel the steering wheel
Hear the crushing steel feel the steering wheel
Hear the crushing steel feel the steering wheel

Warm Leatherette
Melts on your burning flesh
You can see your reflection
In the luminescent dash

A tear of petrol is in your eye
The handbrake penetrates your thigh
Lets make love before you die
on Warm Leatherette